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Reframing Networking (the People Kind of Networking): What I Learned from Being Asked to Talk about It.

Nicola Acutt recently sat on a panel at RADIO 2017 on the topic of “Authentic Networking”. Read more about RADIO 2017 here. Read more for Nicola’s thoughts on the topic: I was recently asked to speak on a panel on the topic of “authentic networking”.   After I accepted the invitation, I had an “oh ****” […]

Creative Calculations: VMware RADIO 2017 MathWall Results

Josh Simons and Na Zhang At the recent RADIO conference, engineers were challenged to create mathematical expressions for each number from 1 to 100 using only the digits in ‘1998’ (the year VMware was founded) combined with mathematical operators of their choice. What follows is the summary of the event that was shared with attendees. […]

VMware Technologists Join Forces for Annual R&D Innovation Offsite

By Laetitia Farrugia, Program Manager, Office of the CTO at VMware and Sarah Shvil, Senior Manager, Innovation Programs PMO, Office of the CTO at VMware Last week in May, VMware held its 13th flagship internal R&D conference called RADIO (R&D Innovation Offsite). This annual event, sponsored by Ray O’Farrell, EVP and VMware’s CTO, and organized by VMware’s Office of […]

What does the new culture of technology look like?

Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Sustainability Strategy – Office of the CTO at VMware If you want a glimpse into what the future of technology could look like — and be wowed by the possibilities — you’d have to go back to the Women Who Code (WWCode) premier developer conference, CONNECT 2017, which recently took place […]

VMware Sponsors Social Innovation at SF Hacks

By Jackie Rees, Xplorer Senior Manager at VMware On Saturday March 18th, several hundred students from Northern California gathered at San Francisco State University to participate in the first ever SF Hacks event. SF Hacks is San Francisco State University’s 24-hour college hackathon where 350 students from all over northern California come together to learn, experiment and create. […]

AI – An Important Workload for the New IT

When I meet with customers, I often hear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is presented as “machines making decisions for businesses or individuals,” but my take is that AI is a tool to help people make better decisions. AI helps us connect the dots across huge data sets and gain insights to solve real world problems […]