High Performance Computing Conference: VMware at SC’17 in Denver next week

VMware will once again have a demo kiosk inside of the Dell EMC booth at Supercomputing, which is being held next week in Denver. We will showcase the benefits of virtualization of on-premise HPC environments with good performance for an array of workloads. We have a lot to talk about! Here is a preview… New […]

5 Deep Dive Perspectives from VMware Open Source Experts

We recently published a piece here on the OCTO blog called Curious About Open Source at VMware? 5 Articles to Get You Started. This article explored the basics of open source at VMware via a collection of the 5 best introductory blogs on the Open Source @ VMware Blog. For those now looking to dig […]

AI at VMware: A History, Present and What’s Next

A few months ago, Michael Gandy and Joel Leichnetz from the Xplorer Group presented a session at VMworld about AI at VMware. We thought it would be interesting to share with the larger community as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become such a buzzword (and often over used). A brief history of AI AI is not […]

We’re off to SOSP 2017

The 26th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principals (SOSP 2017), a biennial event, is being held October 29-31, 2017 in Shanghai, China. VMware, a Silver sponsor, will be at the conference as well as several of our researchers who will be involved in presenting papers, leading poster sessions, and co-leading a Birds of a Feather […]

Curious About Open Source at VMware? 5 Articles to Get You Started

VMware’s OCTO blog charter is to deliver unique perspectives on VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation, open source and sustainability efforts. The Open Source Program Office, or OSPO, is part of the Office of the CTO group and thus an important source of thought leadership as it pertains to the future of technology.  However, diving head […]

VMware’s Global Impact Report 2017

A year ago, VMware’s CTO @RayOFarrell announced a public commitment to Sustainability for the first time through an inaugural VMware Global Impact Report. This commitment included the Office of the CTO driving Sustainability strategy for the company. This approach reflects not only VMware’s unique thinking about Global Impact but also a progressive view of Sustainability as a technology-led […]

VMware and its Customers: More Than Just a Fling

By Dana Nourie The History of Flings In 2010, VMware’s dalliance with Flings began. Flings are tools that are experimental, their functionality not yet on any product roadmap. The concept was to provide a pathway from our engineers to our most cutting-edge customers. While Flings are not officially supported, customers provide crucial feedback. In response, […]