The Future of Business: Multi-Party Business Networks

As a trusted leader in enterprise software, with a rich history of building enterprise-grade distributed systems primed for continuous transformation, VMware is well positioned to bring the power of Blockchain to the enterprise. As the GM of the Blockchain business unit at VMware, I am excited to be part of the organization that is building blockchain solutions from the ground-up to meet enterprise requirements for business-critical use cases. Next-gen enterprises will move beyond company boundaries […]

OCTO Initiative: Nonprofit Connect – Amplifying Impact with VMware’s Nonprofit Customers

At VMware, we believe that technology can be a significant force for good by helping address the world’s societal challenges when integrated with existing processes and in partnership with the people working closest to the challenges. As the world relies on 12 million global nonprofits to continue tackling the planet’s most pressing problems, we also […]

Developing Agility in the Age of Digital Transformation

Before we begin, let’s establish a working definition. Wikipedia says, “Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems.” Well, that’s not very specific. Let’s look at another definition – Salesforce defines Digital Transformation, “…as the process of using digital technologies to create new – or modify existing […]

Using Xilinx FPGA on VMware vSphere for High-throughput, Low-latency Machine Learning Inference

VMware is committed to helping customers build intelligent infrastructure and optimize workload execution. With the rapidly growing interest in Machine Learning (ML) and High Performance Computing (HPC), hardware accelerators are increasingly being adopted in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments to accelerate these compute-intensive workloads. As part of facilitating this IT infrastructure transformation, VMware is […]

Enterprise Virtual Reality with VMware and NVIDIA

Enterprise Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) just took another leap forward. TL;DR: With the launch of NVIDIA CloudXR SDK 1.0, VMware is partnering with NVIDIA to securely deliver AR and VR applications running on VMware vSphere, and streamed using NVIDIA to VMware’s Project VXR client application running on standalone headsets. Project VXR is […]

Remote Device Access in a Crisis: How we built an Android Device Farm

Nimble Thinking in a Crisis In March 2020, VMware employees, like so many around the world, had to suddenly work from home (WFH) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis made remote work the new normal and with that there was a surge of people who needed to perform remote testing and development activities on […]

Cloud Native Federated Machine Learning with KubeFATE

The success of Artificial Intelligence (AI) relies heavily on the quantity and quality of data to train useful prediction models. In reality, data owned by an organization is so limited that it can hardly be used to build meaningful models. For example, a bank wants to create a model to detect suspicious transactions of money […]