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2015 Flings in Review

2015 was an exciting year for the Flings program in many ways. First, our developers updated 14 Flings after listening to user feedback. Second, we released 19 new Flings (with two more slated to be released before the end of the year). And third, we set the record for downloaded Flings with 125,001 downloads!

We would like to thank the users for providing us with feedback. We know testing experimental tools can be time-consuming, but by sending feedback you enable Fling developers to improve their Flings by providing them with valuable information. Also note that developers use Fling metrics (download, comments, etc.) to show product managers that the Fling should be made into a product.

Downloads were especially fast and furious in the fourth quarter (September to December). In the following chart, you’ll notice that some of the most popular Flings from last quarter are still in the top 10:


Please note that the Thinapped vSphere Client Fling is deprecated; we encourage you to use this ESXi Embedded Host Client Fling instead. Please also note that new Flings are always posted to the Fling’s front page. When a Fling is updated with a new download, it returns to the front page.


New Flings (Fourth Quarter)

  • Horizon Service Installer for NSX – This VMware Fling is an easy-to-use utility that inserts Horizon View services into NSX and then combines them into Service Groups. This simplifies the creation of NSX Distributed Firewall Rules that can be used to protect both Horizon infrastructure and hosted desktops and applications.
  • Horizon Collector for Mac – Horizon Collector for Mac automates the collection and archiving of Horizon View Client logs, eliminating the need to manually identify and gather relevant log files. Horizon Collector also simplifies the process for enabling complete DEBUG logging, and can upload the logs to VMware Support for you. In addition to the application logs, this script will collect PCoIP, USB, RTAV, and ThinPrint logs. Recommended users of this script include VDI Administrators and end-users alike.

Updated Flings

  • Horizon Toolbox 2.0 VMware – Horizon Toolbox 2.0 is a Web portal that acts as an extension to View Administrator in VMware Horizon™ 6.
  • Auto Deploy GUI – Auto Deploy GUI is a front end interface to the Auto Deploy/Stateless infrastructure.
  • Onyx for the Web Client – Onyx for the Web Client is a Fling that translates actions taken in the vSphere Web Client to PowerCLI.Net code.
  • ESXi Embedded Host Client – This version of the ESXi Embedded Host Client is written purely in HTML and JavaScript, and is served directly from your ESXi host and should perform much better than any of the existing solutions.

If you want to know as soon as new Flings are available or when a Fling has been updated, follow us on @vmwflings, or like us on Facebook. Flings is a program of the Office of the CTO, and you can follow @vmwoctoblog for other blogs and information from the Office of the CTO.