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ACM Operating System Review: VMware Edition!

osr_photo.pngThe VMware edition of OSR is finally out after months of work by many people. The December issue is dedicated to “Systems Work at VMware” and includes thirteen papers covering a range of technical topics. I was amazed to see we had produced over 140 pages of solid content for the issue, though not at all surprised at the depth and breadth of expertise represented.

There are four papers on hypervisor technology, two on storage, two on networking, three on system management, and an additional two papers on other applications of virtualization.

The issue includes a paper by Jeff Buell and me in that last category, titled Virtualizing High Performance Computing. In it, we describe some of the trends that we believe will eventually lead to a major shift to virtualized HPC workloads. We also cover the major values virtualization can bring to HPC, present some preliminary performance results (many more to come — keep reading this space) and discuss some of the significant challenges that must be overcome to allow virtualization to be used in a widespread way for HPC workloads.

The online version of this issue is available here in the ACM Digital Library.


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