ACM’s 2017 HotNets Workshop to be held at VMware this week

HotNets 2017 is being held on the VMware Palo Alto Campus November 30th thru December 1st. This ACM Workshop brings together top researchers to discuss and debate the disruptions taking place in networking today and the possible directions for future disruptions.  This year 90 invited participants will discuss 28 accepted papers that are early-stage work where community feedback can help move an idea forward, reframe it, or debunk it.  To help stimulate lively discussions, the members of the program committee have provided written give-and-take discussions on a few selected papers that will be posted before the workshop begins.
The topic areas include Security, Privacy, and Censorship; Wireless; Video; Refactoring Distributed Applications; Measurement; Congestion Control; The Control Plane; Data Center; and Machine Learning.
VMware involvement includes both Bruce Davie, who has been on the steering committee for the past three years, and Sujata Banerjee who is this year’s general chair. There is a paper with VMware authors, which will be discussed in the Data Center session:  Granular Computing and Network Intensive Applications: Friends or Foes? Arjun Singhvi (University of Wisconsin – Madison, VMware Research Alumnus), Sujata Banerjee (VMware), Yotam Harchol (UC Berkeley, VMware Research Alumnus), Aditya Akella (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Mark Peek (VMware), Pontus Rydin (VMware) explores serverless compute infrastructure for network intensive applications.
David Tennenhouse, VMware’s Chief Research Officer, and Radhika Niranjan Mysore, Senior Researcher, will also be taking part in the disruption debates. 

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