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Announcing Horizon Mobile Carrier Partners

Greetings from VMworld 2011 Europe in Copenhagen!


The Horizon Mobile is very excited to announce that Verizon Wireless (US) and Telefonica (Europe) are our lead partners to roll out our solution to enterprises.  We had been working with these partners for the last several months and over the next several weeks we will be focusing on bringing the solution to market.  Together with out carrier and handset partners, we will offer a solution to help enterprises embrace ‘bring your own device’ paradigm without compromising the security of corporate content.


vw.png   tf.png


While there are many similarities between the US and European markets, there are a few differences in our partner offerings.  One of the significant differences is that Telefonica will be combining their 2:1 telephony solution with Horizon Mobile to provide two telephone numbers (telephony and SMS) and two data plans on each device.  Your personal profile is fully under your control and will have its own voice and data plan.  This profile is completely isolated from your corporate profile and corporate plan that is owned and managed by your IT group.  The combination of Horizon Mobile and Telefonica 2:1 will allow enterprises to reduce costs since they now can only pay for what you do on the corporate profile.


Many of the details that you all may be interested in (pricing, specific device info, etc.) are being worked out in real time but suffice it to say that both our carrier partners will be offering a range of devices from our handset partners in the coming months.


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