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Another week, another trip! :o)  One of things I truly love about my job is the opportunity to get out into the field and spend time with our customers, our partners, and our own field.  I get to spend some time talking about my favorite topic– disruption at the intersection of business and technology (more on this in a moment)– and I get to learn all about where our customers are on their technology journey, and the amazing, and sometimes unnatural, things that our customers do with our products. On this trip I’ll also be visiting a number of VMware customers, and I can’t wait to learn about what they (and you) are up to!

On this current trip I’ll be speaking at a couple of events:

  • 12th March – Cloud Expo Europe, London.  I’ll be speaking in the Main Theatre at 12 noon on Thurs 12th March, talking about how to simplify IT to unleash innovation.   For a longer chat about my participation, see the EMEA blog.
  • 19th March – NFV & SDN Summit 2015, Paris. I’ll be presenting the keynote at 09:10, talking about how virtualization is impacting the network beyond the data center.

As I have been thinking about my talks, I have started to really think in terms of the asymmetry that Cloud enables.  In essence what we see happening with technology is that Cloud has reduced the barrier to entry to marketplaces, at least in terms of the acquisition and consumption of technology.  And that technology is being used to undermine established assumptions that underpin business models.  This in turn results in enormous innovation (read disruption) within marketplaces.  Think Encyclopedia Britannica/Wikipedia, Blockbuster/Netflix, Uber/taxis, AirBNB/hotels.  Thus the small and nimble, with nothing to lose, have access to the same resources as the large and slow leviathans, who have everything to lose.

Anyway, exciting times.   I’m looking forward to your comments on asymmetry in business, and seeing some of you in London, Paris, and across Germany in the next couple of weeks.





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