Blue glowing high energy plasma field in space, computer generated abstract background

“Because I said so!”

Remember when your parents would say, “Because I said so!” and you never knew why? Well, David Tennehouse, VMware’s Chief Research Officer, recently shared his views on artificial intelligence with AI Business, an online community for Artificial Intelligence in businesses. David reflected on how VMware uses AI today; the AI needs of customers going forward; and more importantly his view on Explainable AI and the opportunities that exist for research.   “Early in my career I learned that insights and intuition will only take you so far; in order to have broader impact I needed to work backwards from my intuitive answers and come up with the “chain of reasoning” as to why they were correct.  Absent that explanation I couldn’t convince my colleagues in the research community or the executives of large companies that my intuition was correct.  AI faces a similar problem.”  See the full column at VMware’s Chief Research Officer Believes Explainable AI Will Be the Future.


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