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Best Of Interop 2014 awards showcase VMware innovations in Storage, Cloud and Networking

When I heard the news about VMware products winning a flurry of awards at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada this week – I was thrilled, yet not surprised. Let me explain.

First, my heartiest congratulations to all the 129 entries and the 27 finalists for the wide array of innovative products and services, across nine categories and thanks to the judging panel.

In announcing the winners, the judges described them as “… a strong line-up of some of the smartest technologies…” vCloud® Hybrid Service™ won in the Cloud category and VMware Virtual SAN won in the Storage category. I was also thrilled to see that the VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform was among the three finalists in the SDN category.


Even more gratifying, I just learned that VMware Virtual SAN won the Best of Interop Audience Choice Award beating…..guess which product….VMware’s vCloud® Hybrid Service. I am grateful to the Interop judges and audience members for their recognition for VMware’s groundbreaking technologies.

The reason I said I was not surprised at the start, is that I get to work every single day with a team of people who are not just smart and dedicated but are also passionate about solving tough problems in IT, data center and in the cloud. From advancements in Hybrid Cloud to the Software-Defined Data Center to End-User Computing, VMware team members strive every day to make a meaningful impact for our customers and partners.

With vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware delivered a truly hybrid cloud solution where both onsite and offsite IT environments are not just connected and integrated with common management, but are designed to run existing and new applications in exactly the same way. To quote the judges:

“But VMware has done the hard work of making vCloud not just another cloud service, but one that mirrors and interoperates with the enterprise’s virtualized data center. VMware’s efforts to virtualize the network and assign it as a flexible resource to a virtual machine at the moment of creation means a system administrator can stretch layer 2 and/or layer 3 networks seamlessly from the data center to vCloud Hybrid Service without the need for manual configuration changes. VMware is making it possible to extend the server, networking and storage envelope inside the data center out into the public cloud, making it an extension of the enterprise.”

VMware Virtual SAN delivers a new tier of hypervisor-converged storage and is VMware’s first step of many to deliver on the Software-Defined Storage vision. Thanks to its unique architecture and policy based management approach, Virtual SAN radically simplifies storage provisioning and management by putting the application in charge. It also reduces cost of ownership by enabling a fundamentally more agile operational model. In a nutshell, VMware Virtual SAN is to storage what VMware vSphere is to compute. To quote the judges again:

“VMware’s VSAN is the standard bearer for a new class of storage solutions that promise to revolutionize how the world buys storage. Taking its cue from the Web 2.0 world of hyperscale datacenters, VSAN promises to replace the expensive centralized storage arrays using custom ASICs that have ruled the storage roost for the past two decades. While similar technology has been available in the so called hyper-converged systems from Nutanix, ScaleComputing and Simplivity, VSAN and the other emerging server SAN products deliver this distributed storage without locking users into specific hardware configurations.”

I could not have said it better myself!

VMware NSX brings virtualization to your existing network and transforms network operations and economics. It provides fully automated provisioning of network connectivity and policy and opens up new opportunities for network visualization, troubleshooting, and security. It is quietly but surely shaking up the networking industry and moving it into the 21st century.

The interesting aspect of the recognition for these three technology innovations is that they represent key pillars of our Software Defined Data Center vision. A few years ago, another key technology, VMware vSphere won the Best of Interop 2009 Grand Prize and the Best of Interop Award in the Cloud Computing and Virtualization category. This tells me that we must be on to something.

Thanks again to the judges and the attendees for further validating our vision for the data center of the future – one that is software-defined. To my VMware colleagues – I am so proud of you. Congratulations and keep it up.



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