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Big Data and Virtual Hadoop at VMworld 2012

VMworld 2012 has come and gone, and VMworld Europe is on the horizon. We had several big data oriented sessions this year, and saw a significant rise in the activity in this important area.

During the keynote, we demo’ed the next version of Serengeti, which allows Hadoop to be elastically scaled on a virtual platform. We showed a scenario of mixed workloads on the same platform, allowing time-based shifts in the amount of resources assigned to Hadoop and other workloads. You can see the highlights from the keynote here, and additional information on compute/data separation in an up coming blog.

In addition, Jeff Buell and I presented on the work VMware is doing to make virtualization the best place for Hadoop, including project Serengeti, HA and recent performance results. You can view our slides here.

During the conference, I also had the opportunity to chat with some big data superstars about their experiences and outlook on trends in that space:

  • Video interview with Amr Awadallah – CTO, Cloudera 
    • In this discussion, I asked Amr, the CTO of Cloudera some questions about the types of systems they are seeing deployed for Hadoop and Analytics. We dive into some detail about the rules of thumb for systems architecture, storage approaches, and the introduction of 10 gigabit ethernet.
    • Jim shares a great set of use cases for analytics and analytics enabled applications, including a discussion about the platform architectures required for building real time applications.

Thank you to Zubin, Jim and Amr for your valuable insights! For those who will at VMworld Europe in a few weeks, check out the Big Data sessions and booths to learn even more.



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