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Big Data @ VMworld

I certainly hope you’re as amped about VMworld as I am.  VMware’s signature event kicks off at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and the team here has been working hard to bring some new products your way.  One of those new products is vSphere Big Data Extensions.  For those of you curious about what Big Data Extensions is capable of, and how virtualizing Hadoop will help your organization, be sure to check out all the Big Data sessions this week.

On Monday, August 26, come check out my talk with Chris Greer from FedEx on virtualizing Big Data and Cloud Scale Apps. The session begins at 12.30pm.

You can also find Jayanth Gummaraju from VMware and Sasha Kipervarg from Identifed give their talk on the advanced elasticity features of Big Data Extensions and customer use cases.  This will start at 11am on Monday.

Just when you think that’s all we have for you, get ready for more.  On Tuesday, the 27th, you’ll find VMware’s Joe Russell lead a panel on the benefits of virtualizing Hadoop.  On the panel, I’ll be joined by Steve Warner from Northrop Grumman, Greg Smith from T-Systems, Charles Zedleweski from Cloudera. This will start at 5pm Tuesday.

To close things out, Kevin Leong from VMware and Abhishek Kashyap from Pivotal will present on Big Data platform building blocks.  This will occur on Thursday, August 29, starting at noon.

I hope to see you there.


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