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Cetas (VMware) receives prestigious 2012 TiE50 award!


As a great validation of VMware’s decision to acquire Cetas, that team has been honored with the TiE50 award in the Software category. This award acknowledges their achievements and underscores the recognition we are getting in the Big Data Analytics space. We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award and it is a solid recognition of all the innovative and hard work done by the team. TiE is a leading entrepreneur-focused organization doing a tremendous job of fostering creativity and innovation amongst entrepreneurs while identifying the technologies and companies that rise to the top in their respective focus areas.

More and more business users are demanding instant access to data and insights from the data; they want the direct ability to perform analytics on their data thus democratizing the process. With in-depth analytics, companies can better understand their users’ behavior and make decisions that help to optimally monetize their users’ activities. Recently, companies have been working with data scientists and do-it-yourself methods using Hadoop in order the harness the power within their data.  But these efforts are largely experimental and lack the depth that purpose-built, machine learning algorithms can bring to the analytics world. For that reason, companies are increasingly turning to productized analytics offerings like Cetas which can offer real-time and in-depth analytics to end users. This provides business and IT users with instant business intelligence by surfacing trends and patterns never before understood, enabling immediate revenue-enhancing decisions.

Having real-time and deep analytics capabilities that are directly accessible to business and IT users greatly empowers an organization to make fully informed critical decisions rather than making those decisions in a vacuum or in delayed fashion. I believe all companies must take steps to create such an environment for their users.

Learn more about VMware/Cetas’ Cloud & Big Data analytics offering on the website.