EUC, Cloud-Native Apps, and the New, New Thing

Here at VMware, we’ve always worked to deliver solutions that allow our customers to confidently and securely deliver software applications critical to their business. The End-User Computing business unit was created to ensure secure and seamless application delivery to end-users.  We’ve dramatically enhanced our end-user delivery capabilities this year via:

  • the acquisition of AirWatch, the industry-leading enterprise mobility management solution
  • the release of Horizon 6, which enabled an industry-first integration platform for both desktop and application delivery
  • the acquisition of CloudVolumes, a next-generation real-time application delivery solution
  • our across-the-board integration efforts, building out a truly unified end-user computing platform

We remain focused on our goal with End-User Computing to enable the delivery of any app to any device.  But a big part of enabling the delivery of any app is ensuring that the app can be built, deployed, and operated in an efficient manner, either in an on-premises datacenter or out in a public cloud.  This means supporting not only traditional enterprise applications, but also next-generation applications.

Given the importance of these next-generation or “cloud-native” application architectures and frameworks, such as Linux containers and Docker, and the need to ensure that VMware provides optimized solutions for these applications, I’ll now be focusing my attention on Cloud-Native Apps, a new effort within VMware’s Office of the CTO.

Noah Wasmer, our EUC VP of Strategy, will lead the End-User Computing CTO office. Noah and I have worked closely together for the past few months in anticipation of this change.  While it’s been a great year for EUC and we’ve made tremendous gains, there’s still a lot of work to do!  I’m confident that the End-User Computing products and technology  will continue to thrive, and even accelerate, under Noah’s leadership.

We’ve got lots to say about both our plans for EUC and this new Cloud-Native Apps effort. To learn more about our work on Cloud-Native Apps, please head over to the new blog, or follow us on Twitter. Let’s keep innovating together!

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