Staying Connected – The VMware CTO Ambassadors

One challenge facing technology companies is how to enable product architects and engineers to stay connected with their customers. It’s with strong customer connections that these architects and engineers can act as trusted advisors and help guide customers on their technology journey – addressing IT needs today and anticipating future trends and requirements.


Staying connected with our customers is a top priority for VMware, and is the purpose of the VMware CTO Ambassadors program, run by our Office of the CTO.  VMware’s CTO Ambassadors are a small group of our most experienced and talented customer-facing technologists, including pre-sales systems engineers, technical account managers, professional services consultants and architects, and global support services engineers.  Not only do our ambassadors use our products, but they also help make our customers more successful in their use of VMware technology.  A byproduct of this collaborative engagement is that our ambassadors tend to become our customers’ most trusted advisors.  By connecting these ambassadors with the broader VMware R&D community, we are able to create a virtual channel connecting our engineers with our customers.  It’s a channel that allows us to more effectively communicate our technology direction, and more effectively guide our customers in the use of our products. It’s also a channel that acts as an aggregator for customer insight and feedback, driving new products or features, as well as aiding in prioritization.

The CTO Ambassadors are in an exclusive position – close to VMware R&D and close to our customers – and have a unique perspective on VMware’s strategy, technologies, products and customers.  I’m delighted to announce that we are launching a series of blog posts written by our CTO Ambassadors where they will share their unique insights and perspectives.  The first will come from Amanda Blevins where she’ll discuss how the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) enables enterprises to expand into, and compete within, the global marketplace.

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