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Curious About Open Source at VMware? 5 Articles to Get You Started

VMware’s OCTO blog charter is to deliver unique perspectives on VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation, open source and sustainability efforts. The Open Source Program Office, or OSPO, is part of the Office of the CTO group and thus an important source of thought leadership as it pertains to the future of technology.  However, diving head first into the world of open source at VMware can be rather daunting. Rather than going from zero to 100, it’s best to take it one step at a time. Whether you’re looking for a better understanding of our commitment to open source innovation, the goals that drive our open source efforts or simply want to put faces to our talented open source team members, these five articles are great introductory resources for how we approach open source at VMware.

Radius: VMware & Open Source: A Commitment to Innovation & Collaboration

Open source software is increasingly woven into the fabric of enterprise IT across all major industries. Here at VMware, we recently renewed our commitment to open source projects for the long-term. Why? The innovation and collaboration that comes from open source is next to none. This article details why we’re all in on open source.

Open Source @ VMware

Learn all about open source at VMware from the horse’s mouth, metaphorically speaking of course. VMware Chief Open Source Officer Dirk Hohndel explains how open source has become a cornerstone of our industry and the vital role it plays in many VMware products and innovations. Get additional insights on our Open Source Program Office and its dedicated blog in this article, as well.

4 Vital Steps to Open Source Success in Your Company

Virtually all companies rely on open source software in their product development, indicating its wide adoption and strategic necessity. Still, a fundamental question that most organizations have is how to achieve production-quality, well-supported open source software. VMware’s Meng Chow brakes down open source success into four vital steps. With more than 20 years of global experience in product innovation and new technologies, Meng’s expertise should come very much in handy for organizations looking to capitalize on open source.

Meet the Team: VMware Open Source Technology Center

VMware’s Open Source Technology Center team is an integral part of fostering collaboration within VMware and the broader tech community. In fact, you could pretty much say that Darren Hart, John Hawley, Nisha Kumar and Steven Rostedt are leading the open source charge at VMware. Learn a bit more about each of their backgrounds and the team’s efforts to be good open source citizens.

Stepping It Up

Dirk Hohndel discusses his previous involvement with The Linux Foundation and how it informs the goals he establishes for VMware’s open source initiatives. Whether it’s improving our internal processes around open source, increasing our contributions to open source communities or releasing more of our own open source projects, Dirk and his team are hard at work making sure VMware is an active and engaged part of the open source world.

For more resources around all things open source at VMware, check back on the Open Source Blog and follow us on Twitter @VMWOpenSource.