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DELL Luminaries Series: Of Risk and Trust . . . in IT with Ray O’Farrell, VMware EVP and CTO

CTO Ray O’Farrell recently sat down with Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr as part of the Dell EMC Luminaries podcast series to discuss how companies are undergoing digital transformation by innovating and adapting to the Internet of Things.

Ray takes us from the beginnings of VMware, through the evolution of the company and how it grew to the enterprise company it is today through its emphasis in building trust with customers.

Ray talks about how VMware focuses on driving innovation and building a culture that embraces taking risks. As he states it, “The risk of taking a risk is lower than the risk of not taking a risk.” Digital transformation at its core is building on innovative technology, so it is important for companies to create a culture which enables innovation. At VMware, this means focusing first on the customer experience, which takes you from solving a problem to potentially creating a whole new opportunity.

As Ray looks to the future, he describes his vision for a software-defined world. To undergo digital transformation, companies’ IT organizations have to change to focus on customer experience. Then, as the Internet of Things comes further into play, everything becomes real-time. As the company responds with IT and IT leaders begin to start thinking like CEOs,  the software eventually becomes the company, and agility flexibility and speed become key.

Listen to the full podcast to learn how VMware is enabling customers to undergo digital transformation in the age of IoT.