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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Destination Give Back at VMworld

I’m back at VMworld 2015. Amongst the keynotes, breakout sessions, and Hands-on Lab, as I look around VMworld, I see a buzzing ecosystem of VMware customers, partners, employees and fans.

This morning, when I walked into Gen Session to hear Yanbing Li, I saw that Destination Give Back has returned this year to VMworld – a reflection of VMware’s EPIC2 value of community. This year, we’re mobilizing VMworld attendees to demonstrate our collective impact as a VMware community. Of course our VMware community includes more than VMworld attendees and the best part is that everyone can participate.

I get ahead of myself though.


Here’s how Destination Give Back works:

Take action by standing for your cause. When you upload a photo to Instagram that represents your cause, it’ll be included in our Destination Give Back mosaic at VMworld. (If you don’t have Instagram, you can post to Twitter.) The final image for the mosaic symbolizes our community impact, and once complete, unlocks a donation that will be divided in proportion to the causes selected. You can track our Community’s progress by following @vmwFoundation.

What you can do:

  1. Choose a cause: health, children, education or environment.
  2. Support you cause by taking a photo that represents the cause to you.
  3. Upload your photo to Instagram with

@vmwFoundation #vGiveBack

#health   #children   #education   or   #environment

We need 10,000 photos to complete the mosaic by Thursday, September 3rd. That sounds like a lot of people standing for a cause – and it is. However, given this broader VMware community of partners, customers, friends and fans, I’m confident we can come together to make this happen.

The VMware Foundation has a phrase: Big things have small beginnings. Each of our individual actions will bring us one step closer to unlocking our collective impact. I took a stand for #vGiveBack #health. What cause do you stand for?