Direct Connect with vCloud Hybrid Service

VMworld Europe kicks off this week, and there are a lot of strong announcements coming from VMware – across our entire portfolio. On the Hybrid Cloud side, VMware today announced it plans to bring VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to the UK with the first data center location in Slough, and will offer a private beta of vCloud Hybrid Service in the UK in Q4, with general availability planned in Q1 2014. You can read more about our news here. In this blog however, I’ll focus on a key capability within vCloud Hybrid Service that was introduced at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

In my last post, I discussed how customers are able to manage their virtual machines using the vSphere Web Client plug-in for vCloud Hybrid Service, and I’d like to go beyond VM management and talk a bit about how to access and make use of those VMs.

Once virtual machines are deployed, a customer may want to access them directly from their corporate network. In this case, there are a few ways to go about establishing private connectivity. While many vCloud Hybrid Service customers will leverage the self-service IPSEC VPN capabilities of the Edge Gateway to establish private connectivity, some customers would prefer to establish a more permanent connection to their cloud infrastructure. To meet this requirement, we will offer Direct Connect.

Direct Connect allows customers to connect (via WAN or cross connect) directly to vCloud Hybrid Service over private dedicated networks, providing secure, consistent, high bandwidth connectivity. An additional interface on the customer’s Edge Gateway is connected via a partner to the customer’s WAN or colo cage, allowing for Layer 3 access between the customer’s location and their vCloud Hybrid Service environment.

This can be used to provide internal users access to applications running in vCloud Hybrid Service without exposing the application to the Internet. Administrators can directly access virtual machines running in vCloud Hybrid Service for management and monitoring using their existing tools.

In this example, an application running in vCloud Hybrid Service is using Direct Connect to access storage hosted in a colo cage in the same facility.




A virtual machine running in vCloud Hybrid Service would access the storage by adding a second virtual network adapter that is connected to the cross-connect network. It is also possible to access the storage by routing through the Edge Gateway and traversing the cross-connect link (not pictured). This same technique could be used to access a database or other application.

Direct Connect will support a variety of WAN access methods in addition to cross-connects, and the service will be available to customers later this year. If you’re interested in learning more about vCloud Hybrid Service, click here to start that discussion today.

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