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Environmental Innovation: How VMware is Using Technology to Fight Climate Change

In 1892, Charles Edgar Duryea created the first road-worthy gasoline-powered car, kicking off an era of dependence on fossil fuels. While this revolutionary technology changed the world in wonderful ways, it has now become a liability — one that is largely responsible for the devastating climate change that threatens our future.

The good news is that technology also has the power to help slow and even reverse climate change. While VMware has created an ambitious 2030 Agenda dedicated to (among other things) sustainability, we are not alone. Our industry’s commitment to the planet’s health has become a movement.

At VMware, we have multiple teams devoted to sustainability innovation. VMworld 2021 featured sessions showcasing projects focused on reducing the datacenter’s carbon footprint, using sustainability as a strategic differentiator, creating new methodology for measuring the carbon impact of employees’ home offices, and more. We also publish an annual ESG report to share the previous years’ activities and results. This year’s report included details of our projects related to accelerating the carbon efficiency of customers’ digital operations, catalyzing zero-carbon clouds, distributed energy, net-zero emissions for our operations and supply chain…the list goes on.

So far, our solutions have successfully avoided creating 1.2B metric tons of carbon emissions and we continue to enable our customers, partners, and value chain to decarbonize their digital infrastructure. We hope to play a pivotal role in inspiring the next generation of sustainable IT.

I look forward to sharing even more progress in 2022!




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