Work Culture

Flings Gets a Facelift

We are excited to announce a new Flings site. While the previous site had the base features we needed, we wanted to improve the functionality and the look.

We didn’t want to change the site too drastically, as that can be frustrating. So, you’ll see a front page you are used to but with a sleeker look and color change. The Search box is located front and center for ease of use, and you can sort the Flings by the latest, most popular, or alphabetically.

The biggest, and in my opinion the best, change came about via customer and developer requests. We’ve changed how conversations are arranged because it was difficult for Fling developers to search for bugs in the conversations, and it was challenging for customers to sift through comments for the developer’s response.

To correct for unwieldy conversations, we’ve divided feedback into Comments or Bugs. This not only makes it easier if you want to tell us how much you like a Fling, but also makes it much easier to report bugs. Having bugs in their own list also makes it much easier for our Fling developers to pick out bugs, and then set them to Closed when they are fixed.

flings1If you are having troubles with a Fling, want to share how much you like it, or want to request features, then the Comments area is where you can post a wide variety of notes. The Fling developers will continue to watch comments, bugs, and interact with you as they always have.

Lastly, our Fling engineers have put a lot of work into Flings. It’s always good to see who you are conversing with, so instead of hidden away on a tab, you’ll see the engineers on the left side of each Fling page.

Enjoy the new Flings site!