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Customer Voice

Flings, Or Long-Term Relationships


The text above is found on the front page of the Fling website, and is the hallmark of these tools. We discourage use of Flings in production as these tools are experimental. Some Flings have a short shelf-life, as you might expect with “Flings”. However, in the five years I’ve been managing the Flings program, I’ve watched some wonderful growing trends.

In life, a fling can be a fleeting experience. However, sometimes the exploration takes a relationship to a whole new level– one that improves incrementally over time, and morphs into a long-term relationship. This is what I’m seeing with our Flings as well. Customers and Fling developers embark on an exciting path of exploration.

As of now, August 9, we have had 30 updates to 16 Flings! This is spurred on by the dynamic communication between you, the customers, and the Fling developers. As you make use of the Comments and Bugs sections for a Fling, developers take that feedback seriously and improve Flings with bug fixes and new features.

We have a few Flings that have been in the top ten for several years:

So far this year we have had more updates to Flings than any other year, and the Flings listed below have had multiple updates this year:

The Top 10 downloads for the last quarter is a familiar list:

Fling downloads

If you are going to VMworld in Las Vegas, you can see demos of the VMware OS Optimization Tool, vSphere HTML5 Web Client, and ESXi Embedded Host Client Flings! Look for the main VMware booth in the Solutions Exchange.