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Hello from the Strata 2012 Conference!

It’s a big (Data) week, and an interesting time for the industry. We are in a landslide of new big data use cases and technologies, and have entered a phase where big data has become a normal part of the application and infrastructure conversation.

We have a lot going on this week at and around the conference.

This week, we announced AffinityDB, which is an open source database aimed at  applications with data models that demand more than the rigid relational schema based model. It’s suited for applications which want to model semi-structured data, including social graphs. It has an extensible schema, uses the popular JSON data model, while retaining an enriched flavor of SQL for query. Affinity DB is Open Source and freely available. I’ve given a quick introduction to this new technology in my recent post.

Today, we’re announcing an exciting new project to integrate the Spring framework with Hadoop. Under the umbrella of the Spring Data project, Spring Hadoop provides an easy developer interface for map-reduce and capabilities to access data from multiple frameworks including Pig, Hive, HBase, Cascading and external enterprise data systems. Costin Leau gives an introduction on the Spring Source Blog.

At 1:30pm, my colleagues Mark Pollack, Carter Shanklin and Jags Ramnaryan will discuss two topics highly relevant to big data. Mark will share details on the new Spring Hadoop Project. Jags and Carter will go into detail on VMware’s ultra-fast in-memory SQL database – SQLfire.

Today at 4.00pm I’ll be presenting about VMware’s role in applications and infrastructure platforms for big data. In my talk, I’ll cover an architectural approach to simplifying big data deployments, and go into detail on the key technologies, including virtualization, Hadoop and NoSQL databases. I invite you to look through my slide deck here.

I’m looking forward to today’s interactions and discussions!­