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High Performance Computing at VMworld 2011

I’ll be attending VMworld in both Las Vegas and Copenhagen. If you are a customer or partner or just interested in talking about HPC at either event, please send me an email (simons at vmware dot com). If you are a customer with a VMware sales rep, please do let them know you are contacting me to avoid any confusion.

Jagannath Krishnan and I will presenting Virtualizing Demanding Applications at 1pm PT in Las Vegas. My section of this talk will share results from a number of HPC application case studies we’ve done over the last year. While this information will clearly be useful to those customers interested in virtualizing their technical applications, the information should be useful for a broader array of applications as well. We’ll talk about network latency, cache friendliness, the new virtual NUMA capability included in vSphere 5.0, with a few words about GPGPU and InfiniBand as well. Jagannath will share some results for Java, VOIP, and other workloads.

I’m also going to be involved in a session titled Big Compute and Big (NoSQL) Data on Wedneday at 2pm PT. I’ll be moderating this panel session which includes a great lineup of C-level participants from VMware, Cloudera, Greenplum, and Data Tactics. If you are interested in Hadoop and other aspects of Big Data, you will enjoy this session.

We are still working out the exact schedule, but I will also be spending some time in the AMAX booth talking about our joint work on virtualized Hadoop performance. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we are using an AMAX supplied and hosted Westmere-based cluster to look closely at different aspects of Hadoop performance on vSphere relative to native. This work is still in progress, but we should have some interesting things to talk about at the show. Please stop by the booth and say Hi.