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Innovation Accelerating Transformation at VMworld US

Planning on attending VMworld US on August 25-29? We invite you to visit the Innovation Zone at VMware’s Booth (#949) in the Solutions Exchange to get a glimpse of some exciting future development that is accelerating transformation. There will be two demo stations along with a Spatial Computing Zone, showcasing the latest AR and VR technologies. Below is an overview of the schedule and projects, where you can view a demo and meet the technologists behind these research projects.

VMworld US Booth Innovation Zone demos schedule.


VMware Blockchain is a highly energy-efficient decentralized  trust platform for consensus and smart contract execution. With its support for multiple contract programming languages, multiple infrastructure providers, and powered by Project Concord– an open source SBFT consensus engine – VMware Blockchain provides both the flexibility and scalability for modern enterprise applications. Watch how VMware Blockchain is being applied to potential real life applications.

Booth Demo: Sunday, August 25, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

VMworld US Sessions: CODE1156U,  OCTO2657BU*, OCTO2657BU, MTE6116U, SPL-2088-01-EMT_U


Project Pathway: A Paradigm Shift in Corporate WAN

Project Pathway introduces a paradigm shift in the way corporate WANs are built and operated by utilizing the fiber optics networks and computation resources of public clouds to provide WAN connectivity and security as pay-as-you-go elastic services. This development is a pure software overlay network across public cloud operators and geographical regions that interconnects corporate data centers, branches, mobile users, IoT, and SaaS, and covers AWS, Azure, GCP, and Alibaba.

Booth Demo: Sunday, August 25, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

VMworld US Breakout Session OCTO1911BU


Machine Learning

Our demo will talk about the “Three Pillars of Machine Learning” at VMware:

  • Smarter Businesses
    • Ensure that customer’s ML workloads run well on VMware Cloud platforms.
    • Goal: Help our clients adopt ML faster and with confidence.
    • Demo: VMware and Intel Hybrid Cloud Analytics Solution.
  • Smarter VMware
    • Apply ML to improve VMware’s efficiency and productivity.
    • Goal: Deliver better experiences for our clients asking for technical or sales support.
    • Demo: A brief description of how VMware is using NLP to improve operations.
  • Smarter Products and Services
    • Inject ML into VMware products & services to enhance automation, scale, and efficiency.
    • Goal: Give clients better quality products with continuously evolving degrees of automation.
    • Demo: A brief description of how some of the VMware products leverage ML.

Booth Demo: Monday, August 26, 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM

See a full list of Machine Learning sessions and workshops presented at VMworld US here.


Cascade NSX and Hillview

Hillview is a tool for instantaneously visualizing billions of rows of data in a spreadsheet.

Cascade is a just-in-time compiler for Verilog, seamlessly switching between software and hardware execution to reduce the time it takes to develop in Verilog. Meet Dr. Amy Tai, VMware Postdoctoral Researcher, to learn about the future applications of this project.

Booth Demo: Monday, August 26, 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM


Secure Enclaves: Toward a Unified Trusted Computing Framework in Virtualized Environments

Trusted execution environments (TEE) protect the integrity and confidentiality of data and application code against software-based attacks, event those by privileged software (e.g., a compromised OS). Meet Ye Li, VMware Sr Technical Staff, and David Ott, VMware Sr Staff Researching, to learn about the broader landscape of TEE-related technologies, and VMware’s investigation of a unified framework that builds upon cross-platform back-end hardware features and better integrates with virtualized environments. We will also discuss the need for developer-friendly programming models and application libraries.

Booth Demo: Monday, August 26, 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM

VMworld US Breakout Session OCTO2527BU


Flings Demos: Modern Applications using Blockchain and Cloud PKS Clusters

The open source Fling, Distributed Trust Incident Reporting is a blockchain application to track security incidents. Existing solutions in this area are generally manual processes with centralized control of the records. This solution enables decentralized trust in the records, prevents altering the records, and improves automation for security incident reporting. Meet Tom Scanlan, VMware Solutions Architect, and technologist behind this fling to see a demo.

VMworld US Session: CODE1156U

The second demo is on provisioning required infrastructure services into Cloud PKS clusters in support of applications we care about.  For example, all new services need certificate management, DNS management, Ingress control, and more. We’ll also discuss the new direction forward for this projects which is in Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR). BKPR does the same thing for the major cloud providers, and should be ported to PKS in time. Meet Chris Halstead, VMware Staff Architect, and technologist behind this fling to see a demo.

Booth Demo: Monday, August 26, 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM


xLabs X28 Project: Accelerating Application Performance In The Self-Learning SDDC

Learn how VMware NSX can eliminate physical network hairpins in applications and databases to increase performance; in addition VMware vRealize Network Insight can be leveraged to identify network hairpins and optimize communications between virtual machines though intelligent workload management

Booth Demo: Tuesday, August 27, 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM


xLabs X31 Project: Alexa for Business – WS1 UEM Integration

VMware’s EUC team is working with Amazon’s Alexa for Business team, to ensure that Alexa devices and skills are enterprise-ready via Workspace ONE UEM. Once IT Administrators can manage and secure these devices in the UEM tool that they are already familiar with, workplace innovation for voice technology will accelerate. We are looking for existing Workspace ONE UEM customers that would like to preview this technology and offer design feedback for future productization.

Booth Demo: Tuesday, August 27, 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM


xLabs X34 Project: Cluster Memory

Applications increasingly need Big Memory to crunch through Big Data. But memory is expensive and hard to upgrade. We are developing a new memory virtualization solution that we call VMware Cluster Memory (vCM). vCM makes it easier and cheaper to expand memory. Come to this booth to get an overview and demo of vCM. Bring your memory pain points and let us discuss how vCM could address them. This is a forward-looking technology and we are looking for customer feedback on how this technology can best help you.

Booth Demo: Tuesday, August 27, 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM


Post-Quantum Cryptography: What Every Security Professional Should Know

As the prospects for realizing quantum computing (steadily improve, there’s an important disruption emerging in response within the world of security: post-quantum cryptography (PQC).  Meet David Ott, VMware Sr. Staff Researcher, and learn about what’s going on with this important development: the basics of PQC, how early deployments are likely to work, notable standards and efforts by key organizations, and what VMware has been doing to help enable industry readiness.

Booth Demo: Tuesday, August 27, 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM

VMworld US Breakout Session: OCTO2501BU


NSX with Advanced NIC Offloads

NSX provides a Software Defined Networking (SDN) based network virtualization solution that provides great flexibility and rich functionality, much like server virtualization. This flexibility comes at some CPU costs as the network data-path is implemented in software. New physical network adapters are now adding new, more complex hardware capabilities to help offload and accelerate this processing. Come learn how NSX on ESX can take advantage of these new hardware capabilities.

Booth Demo: Wednesday, August 28, 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM


Flings Demo: Workspace ONE UEM SCIM Adapter

Meet Flings developers Matt Williams, VMware Staff Architect, and Joe Rainone, VMware Services Architect, who recently released WS1 UEM SCIM Adapter fling that provides user and group resource management capabilities to Workspace ONE UEM. The middleware translates the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management, SCIM, to a CRUD REST framework that Workspace ONE UEM can interpret. This capability allows Workspace ONE UEM to synchronize cloud-based identity resources (users/groups/entitlements) without the need for an LDAP endpoint (service to service model).

Booth Demo: Wednesday, August 28, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Fling download here and corresponding post.


Armed and Ready: ESXi-Arm on Infrastructure at the Edge and Beyond

Arm-based systems are becoming important in a number of new and critical market segments, such as IoT, edge compute and edge NFV. This demo booth will highlight some of the latest explorations being done in this space and complements both “Meet the Experts” session 6004 and breakout session OCTO2944BU (Armed and Ready: VMware Tech and Solutions on Arm-Based Systems).

Booth Demo: Wednesday, August 28, 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM

VMworld US Breakout Session: OCTO2944BU,

Twitter: @WhatAintInside and #ESXionArm


Hyperscale Storage Project

vSAN is dominating the world so aggressively, and storage disaggregation like NVMe over fabric is gaining more and more attention as well. With NVMe over TCP technology powered, vSAN is able to get both compute and storage resource scaled out or scaled in independently. This demo booth will show you how VMware is making vSAN even more flexible and easy to use by embracing the latest technology.

Booth Demo: Wednesday, August 28, 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM


xLabs X8 Project: Network Slicing

The expectations for 5G are enormous, with use-cases such as smart cities, connected cars, VR/AR and other IoT applications. However, the existing networks are not agile enough and cannot scale to support such a demand. The solution to realize the 5G vision is Network Slicing, which allows for the on-demand creation of isolated end-to-end virtual networks with prescribed quality of service. We present an innovative solution that VMware is developing for 5G Network Slicing and Network-as-a-Service. The end goal being to fully realize the 5G promise, to the benefits of the enterprises, industries and end-users of the new hyper-connected world.

Booth Demo: Wednesday, August 28, 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

VMworld US Breakout session: OCTO2509BU