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Innovation and virtualization, what’s next?

When it comes to “what’s next” for virtualization technology, I have the great opportunity to work with some of the smartest technology thought leaders in the world.  The VMware Advanced Development and Research organization drives innovation across VMware.  Our goal is to pioneer new ideas and foster their development across all disciplines – from low-level architecture evolution to the ever expanding application layer that taps into the virtualization platform.  Occasionally, we let some of our ideas out in the wild on the VMware Labs website.  We like to call these ideas “Flings”.  New Flings are posted on a regular basis.  Check them out!

A critical aspect of our innovation efforts is partnering with the academic community via the VMware Academic Program (VMAP). VMAP is a multi-faceted, community program that forges connections between VMware’s advanced development activities and research at top universities around the world.  VMAP membership is FREE and we offer the following benefits to our members:

  • Free VMware licenses for instruction and research
  • Access to VMware ESX and Workstation source code for research
  • Research funding and joint collaboration projects
  • Active engagement with students and faculty on thesis projects
  • Access to a library of relevant virtualization papers and courseware
  • …and more!

My team strives for an open and collaborative relationship with our academic partners.  We have wonderful stories to tell of the projects we have developed both here at VMware and on-campus.  For example, our Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) which allows multiple persona’s on a single mobile device, started as a funded research project at MIT.  Several faculty and students were involved with the early stage development of this product and in addition to bringing a new product to market for VMware, their research contributed to their thesis work.   We have other stories about joint publications and new projects we recently funded to explore cloud infrastructure and applications.  I will begin to share some of these stories in future blog postings.  Meanwhile, check out VMAP and join today!



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