Introducing VMware vCloud for Healthcare

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), with its Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act provision, kicked-started a healthcare technology modernization wave. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “ObamaCare”) ignited a national dialogue about healthcare. These and other initiatives have spawned new and disruptive business models, blurred lines between traditional providers, and opened a window for new players to enter an industry that historically has not welcomed outsiders. Concurrently, information technology has matured. Virtualization, for example, has gone from being an interesting cost-savings tool to becoming the very foundation for a new era in IT—cloud computing.

The tone of today’s discussions with healthcare CIOs is serious and business focused. Providers want to understand how they can better leverage IT and their staff to meet meaningful use deadlines, build new partnerships, and differentiate their brand through the services and care they provide—all while keeping their hospital’s name off the violations listed on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website. What has been most striking in my recent conversations has been how eager healthcare IT executives are—now that they have a seat at the decision-making table—to show what IT can do to help reinvent the healthcare industry. And as their technology partners, we can help drive this incredible transformation.

Last week, I wrote about how healthcare IT executives and their colleagues need to know technology companies are working to build reliable IT bridges to the future—paths based on proven technology and paved to support whatever the future of patient care brings. Today, I’m pleased to introduce a way to futureproof healthcare IT investments.

VMware vCloud® for Healthcare is an end-to-end care cloud computing platform for exchanging information and delivering products and services that can help lead to better outcomes. It is our new solution for helping healthcare IT organizations define and build the right cloud models for their organizations, and it includes a proven roadmap for how to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Built specifically for healthcare, the vCloud for Healthcare framework of solutions and services leverages and builds on existing investments in VMware skills and platforms. It incorporates the most commonly requested and fundamental services a healthcare private cloud should deliver, including the following:

  • Integrated industry security and compliance
  • Point of care virtual desktops and workspaces
  • Self-service end-user application provisioning
  • Secure mobility and management for mobile devices
  • Virtual and physical systems and application analytics
  • Care systems and application automation
  • Care systems and application disaster recovery and continuity

And when healthcare IT is ready, it includes a hybrid cloud connector to safely and securely connect a private healthcare cloud to one or more public clouds.

vCloud for Healthcare brings all of the products in our VMware vCloud Suite and our new VMware Horizon SuiteTM together with our rich ecosystem of partners, including those that specialize in healthcare, and the more than 200 certified vCloud Datacenter Providers that support hybrid cloud computing. The integrated solution is built on our industry-leading VMware vSphere® platform, which is KLAS rated and supported by the world’s leading healthcare application vendors. When customers and partners choose vCloud for Healthcare, they can leverage validated architectures and services to deploy point of care systems such as VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care.

With vCloud for Healthcare, we are helping to remove uncertainty by providing both a vision and a roadmap that address the unique needs of a healthcare provider. We are connecting critical technologies and services to help organizations efficiently and cost-effectively meet real business goals and mandates—from meaningful use and compliance audits to establishing new business models and services, like accountable care organizations, to even becoming providers of IT services to other hospitals.

I’ve seen healthcare and IT change dramatically over the past several years. As the rate of change continues—and even accelerates—VMware and our healthcare team are dedicated to making sure that our new bridge to the future of healthcare IT remains strong during this historic industry transformation.