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Is Arizona the new hub for CIOs?

It is this week! The Computerworld Premiere 100 event is happening this week in Phoenix, Arizona and I had the privilege of giving one of the keynotes. It’s a great event for the IT ecosystem to come together with CIOs to discuss key areas like virtualization, cloud computing and mobility.


In my talk I discussed how we see cloud dramatically changing the way we do business. This change requires IT to evolve into a new role in order to be successful – IT needs to move away from becoming a builder and move towards becoming a broker of IT services. This transformation of IT will lead to a transformation of the business. The transformation needs to happen at three levels: front-end, application and back-end infrastructure. VMware is squarely focused on helping customers evolve in each of these areas.


I gave examples of organizations, specifically Revlon, Ducati and Johns Hopkins University, who have evolved their IT and as a result have seen some amazing business benefits from the move towards cloud. Revlon, one of our large customers, saved $70M because of cloud and put that money towards advertising. And Ducati, one of our SMB customers, implemented cloud and in two years was able to produce bikes at the same speed as their top competitor.


You can watch my keynote here.


“IT as a service” is a big topic with most CIOs that I have been meeting with, and it often manifests itself as a desire to say yes to more devices and applications, and to enable self-service access to private and public computing resources.  And non-resources just as employees are getting to in their personal lives. It’s obviously not easy and certainly not going to happen overnight. A lot of our discussions cover this journey as a series of steps that add incremental value to IT’s customers while taking them to a good longer-term destination. The steps won’t look the same for all companies… but it’s imperative to all to get moving on the journey! And it’s a pleasure to be able to be a trusted sherpa along the way.


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