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Machine Learning at VMworld US 2019

Machine Learning (ML) creates tremendous opportunities for enterprises to detect patterns in the data they collect, and then use those patterns to create new products or services, improve existing offerings, and improve their internal operations. To obtain these benefits, enterprises will need to navigate a number of challenges. These challenges, and more, are discussed in the recently published VMware CTO Perspective white paper on Machine Learning.

As many of us have witnessed, Machine Learning is no longer a technology of the future. We recommend enterprises take action now to incorporate ML into their operations, products and services. While doing so, be thoughtful as to what types of ML models are used, where they’re located, the data they operate on, and how integrate ML capabilities are integrated into IT infrastructure.

For those who are attending VMworld 2019 next week, there are over 30 sessions available to help guide you on this ML journey, including breakout sessions and a workshop in our first-ever official ML & Analytics track.

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