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Media that Gets It

Media outlets usually write about technologists, but today I’d like to reverse that.

I met at VMworld last week with William Wallace, one of the principals from what I refer to as “insideSTAR” (STAR as is regexp “*”) and learned that they will be adding inside-BigData to their existing inside-HPC and  inside-Cloud news coverage.
This excites me because it is an embodiment of the IT convergence I’ve been writing and talking about for the last few years: Specifically, the increasingly commonality between emerging Enterprise and HPC application and infrastrucure requirements. See, for example, these blog posts: It is Time for Low Latency, Summer of RDMA, HPC Clouds: A Bad Idea?
I view insideSTAR’s universe this way:


Those three circles are going to push inward over time, creating increasingly interesting activities in all overlap areas. The above diagram omits the fourth pillar of insideSTAR’s coverage strategy, which is shown below:


So in addition to covering the technical content of the current ecosystems, insideSTAR is looking at new and emerging companies in these spaces as well. As the convergence continues, I expect this to be a hot area for both existing companies repositioning themselves to better serve these converging markets as well as for new startups bringing new approaches to market to address these shared requirements. The folks at insideSTAR are well-positioned to act as our “native guides” in these rapidly-changing overlap areas.

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