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Mobile World Congress 2011

2011 is off to a great start at VMware! One of my favorite aspects of being CTO is the time I  get to spend with our customers, and just the first month of this year has already wowed me in their enthusiasm to embrace cloud computing.  From my local dry cleaner and his surprisingly rapid adoption of a cloud-based business model, to the fascinating cloud-based assembly line employed by LEGO, I continue to be inspired by the way our customers are using cloud to transform their approach to IT.


As I wrote in my previous blog, VMware has a strong focus on partnering with service providers to further enable our customers’ adoption of cloud and their movement toward IT as a Service. We are heading to Barcelona next week for Mobile World Congress and are fired up to show our customers and partners how to deliver the mobile enterprise.


Service providers are arming consumers with increasingly sophisticated devices and mobile services. VMware is arming enterprises to transform and consumerize how they do IT with cloud computing. Together, we can bring the cloud to VMware’s 250,000 business customers.


This takes a strong focus on both partnerships and products.


On the partnership front, just this last week we announced that Bluelock, Colt, and Verizon will be offering vCloud Datacenter services. By providing globally consistent cloud infrastructure, management and security, vCloud Datacenter services make it possible for enterprise customers to move computing workloads from internal virtualized infrastructure to any VMware vCloud Datacenter service and back. This is a key requirement for enterprise customers seeking to realize the potential of cloud.


On the product front, we have some cool handset and cloud-based software to showcase at Mobile World Congress:


  • Mobile Virtualization — Check out the newest advancements in mobile virtualization technology for Google’s Android operating system. We enable users to adopt the mobile device of their choice, while allowing corporate IT departments to manage sensitive data on those devices with enterprise-level security and compliance. You can see this in our booth and at the Pepcom MobileFocus media event on Monday night.
  • Easy and Secure Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Management — Introduced earlier this week, we will demonstrate one of my favorite new products: VMware vCloud Connector. This provides administrators a “single pane of glass” across vSphere infrastructure and VMware vCloud public and private clouds. Administrators simply enter their cloud credentials and can start viewing and transferring VMs, vApps, and templates between the three. This really brings the opportunity for one continuous infrastructure to life.
  • Project Horizon: User-Centric ComputingProject Horizon is a cloud-based management service designed to enable secure and managed access to applications and data across the widest range of end-user devices. This slick new interface will broker user access to applications, virtual desktops and data resources while preserving the required level of security and control needed by the business. The result will be a seamless end-user experience when accessing work resources across the private and public cloud on whatever device the user chooses.


We are looking forward to a busy week in Barcelona, and a great year in advancing our customers along their journey toward IT as a Service. Keep in touch with us here, on the CTO website, or on Facebook or Twitter. I would love to hear what you think!