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Not just your average engineers…

Faculty and students are back in school and academic conferences are in full swing.   Each year, VMware participates in a number of top tier conferences.  It always impresses me how our engineers can devote the time and energy in these events while still focusing on their day jobs.   Every year, we publish insightful papers that highlight our advanced research efforts and often they are co-published with our industrial and academic partners.  For example, at the upcoming USENIX Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI) conference, Dr. Carl Waldspurger, a VMware Principal Engineer, will be chairing a Virtualization session that includes the paper mClock: Handling Throughput Variability for Hypervisor IO Scheduling.  This paper was co-published by Ajay Gulati, a VMware engineer, Arif Merchant of HP Labs and Peter J. Varman of Rice University.  The paper highlights the extensive resource management research we are doing at VMware and introduces a novel algorithm for IO resource allocation in a hypervisor.

There are lots of other cool activities we’re involved with at OSDI this year and I’ll report back on those activities after everyone gets back from the event and recovers from what will surely be a busy week.  Meanwhile, check out our latest technical report Online Cache Modeling for Commodity Multicore Processors which was the result of collaboration with Dr. Richard West from Boston University and was a very popular poster in the 19th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), in Vienna, Austria.


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