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VMware Office of the CTO Co-innovation Projects at VMworld 2020

VMworld is virtual this year which has allowed us to offer more content than ever. The conference runs from September 29 to October 1, and you can register and attend for free! The online format has some advantages to our presentations and technical content. A key benefit is that it’s possible to include more technical demos in a typical breakout session. Ironically, at one point in the content development process, I was warned to avoid demos. My reply, challenge accepted!

Demos, Demos, and More Demos!

Across the Office of CTO sessions, you’ll see that we accepted that challenge in a big way with a multitude of deep technical content and very compelling demos. One session that I’m particularly excited about is my presentation with Daniel Beveridge, Inside xLabs and Off-Roadmap Innovation in the VMware Office of the CTO. This session will feature demos of new xLabs incubation projects from Sheri Byrne-Haber, Amit Garg, Henry Zhang, and Matt Coppinger. If you’re not familiar with xLabs, it’s our internal innovation program for off-roadmap innovations that we look to bring to market on a sub-three-year horizon (more on this in a future post). We currently have fifteen projects incubating in xLabs. We will showcase several of those projects in the session, and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Don’t Miss these Advanced Technologies Sessions

Following VMware CTO, Greg Lavender’s solutions keynote, which won’t disappoint with several compelling technology demonstrations and new tech reveals, I’ll be at the Live Q&A , along with Greg Lavender, David Tennenhouse, Amanda Blevins, and Nicola Acutt. This is your chance to ask us anything!

In addition, I’ll be checking out a number of sessions from my Office of the CTO peers, including:

There’s a lot to experience at VMworld this year in the Vision & Innovation Track – from Quantum Computing: How Will it Impact the IT Industry with David Ott and Bruce Davie, to a roundtable on Emerging Technical Frontiers: Insights from VMware’s Academic Partners.Check out these posts below to get a closer look into all the Office of the CTO content in the Vision & Innovation track at VMworld:

Our VMworld Community

When I think about what I’ll miss most this year compared to previous VMworld conferences, hands-down it’s the community interactions. For some friendships going back over 20 years, VMworld is our one chance to get together each year. While we can’t meet for a beer at the Thirsty Bear, let’s still keep the conversation going. Ping me on twitter or hop on a Zoom. There’s nothing more important than our community, which I believe is the soul of VMworld.