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VMware’s Office of the CTO (OCTO) is dedicated to looking over the horizon — exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape future solutions that will impact the future. So it made perfect sense that OCTO sponsored the Emerging Technologies and Future Trends track with 26 sessions at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. This track offered forward-looking technology sessions, including presentations and interactive panels that will help attendees plan and evolve their long-term IT strategies.

Behind the scenes of many cool demos and presentations, OCTO programs support the people who push these innovations forward. So, in this post, we will highlight a few key demos from VMworld Europe and show how OCTO innovation programs impacts VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation, open source, and sustainability efforts.

Day 1 Demo: “The Virtual Virtual” Datacenter

On the first day, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger (@PGelsinger) presented the concept of “The Virtual Virtual” datacenter on main stage with VMware’s Product Manager Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf).

VMworld Europe

This project is a great example of how OCTO is helping our innovators push the limits and explore the future. The Virtual Reality (VR) project team (William Lam, Yateendra Kulkarni, Vinod Pai, Alan Renouf, Steve Trefethen) got their start when they turned their idea into a working prototype at a VMware Hackathon (known internally as Borathon), and this cool tech made its way to VMworld Europe 2017 General Session.

With VR starting to go mainstream and companies like Facebook, Sony, Google, HTC, Samsung and Apple are heavily investing in the technology, we can see VR is already impacting industry sectors such as real estate, healthcare and manufacturing. VMware is looking into the latest VR technologies to provide up to date interactions to our software. Working in a VR world gives new interaction possibilities never explored before by our 2D interface. Exploring virtual concepts will provide a new perspective on virtual management and provide faster resolution to common problems which take a lot of time with the boundaries of a 2D interface.

Day 2 Demo: Function as a Service (FaaS)

On the second day, VMware EVP and Chief Technology Officer Ray O’Farrell (@ray_ofarrell) presented the Day 2 Demo and it included a Tech preview of Function as a Service (FaaS).

VMworld Europe

Serverless computing is becoming increasingly popular to create micro services without needing to worry about how the functions are orchestrated or scaled. This frees developers to think more directly about what is important to them, delivering value to their customers and business. If you’re curious about this technology, you can read more about it here.

Again, this is another great example of how OCTO is accelerating forward looking innovation. The FaaS team is currently part of xLabs, an OCTO innovation program that fast-track ideas to outcomes.

Sustainability as an Imperative

Another current xLabs project we presented at VMworld this year was about how we are integrating sustainability into our products, which is one of VMware’s 2020 Sustainability goals. Nicola Acutt (@NicolaAcutt), Vice President of Sustainability, and Rob Glanzman, Director from the Xplorer Group, presented the innovations OCTO is working on in this area. Last year, VMware’s net-positive legacy was best captured in an IDC study on carbon emissions avoidance associated with server virtualization. One of the initiatives they highlighted in their session this year is the recent work in OCTO to extend our product sustainability impact analysis to include storage and networking. You can read the latest IDC report here and you can read a more about the VMworld session here.

VMworld Europe

At VMware, our own evolution and thinking on sustainability reflects the transformation from a compliance issue to a business initiative led by OCTO.

Innovation does not sleep at VMware and OCTO is continuously pushing the boundaries through its programs.

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