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Office of the CTO at VMworld Europe

With VMworld US securely under our belt, VMware’s Office of the CTO has been forging forward with preparations for VMworld Europe this month. Will we see you in Barcelona? If the answer is yes, take a few minutes to review where to find us on site.

VMware’s Office of the CTO Booth:

Don’t forget to swing by VMware’s Office of the CTO booth when you’re in the Solutions Exchange. We’ll be at Booth #S122 and will be talking about some of the innovative projects and technologies coming out of our CTO Office.

Technology Deep Dives & Futures Track:

Introduced at VMworld US, this new technology-focused track is sponsored by VMware’s Office of the CTO. It offers Technology sessions, including presentations and interactive panels, that will help customers plan and evolve their IT strategies and roadmaps around key technologies. Here’s a list of our Technology Deep Dives & Futures track sessions.




  • CTO4621 – From Software-Defined Data Center to Software-Defined Car– Greg Bolella, Emil Novakov, Matthias Schorer. 
Do you think of cars when you think of VMware? Not yet! Come to this session to learn about how existing VMware solutions contribute to the value chain of connected car environments.
  • CTO6633 – Managing IT infrastructures by Data Analytics –Amak Poghosyan. Interested in the application of data analytics to IT data? This is the talk for you. Amak will cover a diverse range of topics, including machine learning classification, statistical change point analysis, normalcy patterns, and predictive analytics.
  • CTO6659 – Ask the Experts – Cloud Native Applications – Emad Benjamin, Joe Baguley, Robbie Jerrom, Martijn Baecke, Ed Hoppitt.
 This panel discussion is designed to offer you an insight and perspective into the world of Cloud-Native Apps. The panelists will walk you through VMware’s vision for next generation application development and hosting.
  • CTO6660 – Hot Topics in VMware R&D– David Tennenhouse. 
Wondering what is happening in the world of VMware R&D? Attend this discussion with our Chief Research Officer David Tennenhouse to learn more.

Lots of great technical content from our track and others so plan your schedule accordingly! I hope to see many of you in Barcelona!