Strategic Advisor

Opportunities: VMware Shaping IoT

Ray O’Farrell, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Over the last few months, we’ve seen many of the large infrastructure and infrastructure-software companies in the world of IoT releasing new products and announcing new partnerships. This is far from surprising. IoT at its core, is around the connectivity of Things, all the way back through the core and into the cloud for analytics. Essentially, this is a large, new, emerging infrastructure, which, in the future, is at the very heart of the digital transformation. As IoT becomes more prevalent in automobiles, factory floors, retail organizations, etc., the need for IoT analytics and compute right at the edge, becomes more and more widespread. Who is better than VMware at securely running and managing a myriad of applications from several different vendors, operating in a hybrid fashion from the edge to the cloud?

The shift lends itself to a need for more networking capabilities—think SDDCs and NSX. IoT offers new and exciting fields for infrastructure and software, data processing and analytics, and more for us to develop in the future.

Most recently, VMware launched our first IoT product, Pulse IoT Center —a secure, enterprise grade, end-to-end infrastructure management solution that helps OT (Operational Technology) and IT, manage, monitor and secure all IoT “things” from the edge to the cloud. With VMware Pulse IoT Center, we are leveraging our core expertise in device management, infrastructure analytics, security and cloud management, to enable organization to reduce IoT complexity, increase the reliability and security of their IoT infrastructure, and get to ROI faster.

For the full scoop on Pulse IoT Center, check out this article from Mimi Spier, VP, Internet of Things.