Building a BeyondCorp/Zero Trust solution using only VMware products

Author: Peter Bjork – Principal System Engineer (@thepeb) | Office of the CTO, Global Field Reviewers: Cameron Haight – Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Americas and Hadar Freehling – Staff Systems Engineer Ever since I read the Google’s BeyondCorp white papers many years ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about application protection, user experience, ease […]

The Transforming Role of the CIO

I recently passed the one-year mark of my tenure as CTO for the Asia Pacific region. I marked the occasion by taking off for a 6-day hike of the Overland Track in Tasmania, one of the must-do wilderness experiences in the world. Right after that, I jumped back into full swing at work to keynote […]

Four VMware Flings Make It into Products!

VMware Flings took off with a bang this year when four Flings made it into products by March. These Flings were popular as soon as they were released, and with enthusiastic customer feedback, it didn’t take long for VMware to integrate the functionality into our products. Fling functionality in vSphere 6.7 The functionality of ESXi […]

Our first themed Borathon on Sustainability

Last week Earth Day was honored with an amazingly successful Borathon event at our Palo Alto campus that focused on sustainability as the theme for the event. We enhanced our well-loved hacks so we may continue to grow our community, partner closely with our Fellow and Principal Engineers and present our hackers with new challenges. […]


While I was an analyst at Gartner, I co-developed the concept of “web-scale IT” based upon what I had learned from researching as well as talking to individuals working at several of the industry-leading FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) companies.  At the time, I envisioned web-scale as the next step in DevOps evolution as […]

Dan Tsafrir wins award at Eurosys

Dan Tsafrir, a Scholar-in-Residence at the VMware Research Group won the EuroSys Jochen Liedtke Young Researcher Award, at the EuroSys 2018 conference in Porto, Portugal on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018. EuroSys, now in its 13th year, is a premier forum for discussing various issues of systems software research and development, with a strong focus on […]

Corfu, The Database-less Database, Take a Chance on Me

This article is for all the distributed systems application programmers out there who want to increase their programming efficiency; not have to worry about the complexity of the tool they are using; increase throughput and reduce the IT complexity for the end customer. You know who you are, the person who is now going through […]