What has The Edge Become?

The term “Edge” is very broad. Dell Technologies define “The Edge” as “wherever the digital world and physical world intersect, and data is securely collected, generated and processed to create new value”. People working at home individually, a router, a smart speaker, GPU farms, IOT devices, or sensor data are all things that might fall […]

A Day to Celebrate: International Transgender Day of Visibility

Across the globe, International Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated annually on March 31st. Various LGBTQ groups host events and celebrations to honor the progress the transgender and non-binary community has made in the previous 12 months. International Transgender Day of Visibility is an uplifting day to look back on the achievements and look forward […]

Tanzu Mission Control – Using Kubernetes to Manage Kubernetes

Tanzu Mission Control is part of VMware Tanzu. VMware Tanzu is a family of products and services for modernizing your applications and infrastructure with a common goal: deliver better software to production, continuously. More about Tanzu portfolio here. In this blog post I will focus on the #Manage part of Tanzu with Tanzu Mission Control […]

A Force for Good: VMware Appliance for Folding@Home

At VMware, our EPIC2 values are a core component of who we are. We manifest our values in all aspects of our work and through being a Force for Good in our communities. When I initially read an article about Folding@Home and the project’s impact in helping researchers find treatments for diseases such as Coronavirus, Cancer, […]

Trees, a Remarkable Innovation

When you really think about it, trees are an amazing innovation. They help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to more than 80 percent of the world’s plants and animals. Forests provide jobs to more than 1.6 billion people, and they serve a critical function for humanity: they […]

VMware’s Office of the CTO Celebrates International Women’s Day

VMware has made a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the efforts can be seen through our VMinclusion initiative including a robust effort to increase the representation of women and underrepresented minorities within the company, as well as programs, trainings, and groups to create an inclusive workplace for all. Further to those efforts, VMware’s Office of the CTO […]

VMware Researchers on the Road: NSDI 20 and FAST 20

Just last week [February 25th], the VMware Research team participated at two USENIX academic conferences, NSDI 20 & FAST 20, in the city of Santa Clara, California, U.S. NSDI is the Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, focusing on the design principles, implementation, and practical evaluation of networked and distributed systems. Their goal is […]