VMware Blockchain – VMworld State of the Union

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, at VMworld US 2018, we announced Project Concord, an open-source blockchain stack with a scalable byzantine fault tolerant engine at its core. A few months later, at VMworld Europe 2018, we announced the beta of the commercial solution – VMware Blockchain – that is built on […]

Post Quantum Cryptography and the Approaching Storm

There is no shortage of excitement surrounding recent advancements in quantum computing! Whether it’s company press releases on new prototypes and products (e.g., IBM Q System One, IonQ), academic research on quantum applications or the physics of qubits (e.g. molecular simulation, single-photon emitters), or government-related announcements on new research initiatives (e.g., National Quantum Initiative, Stanford […]

Machine Learning at VMworld US 2019

Machine Learning (ML) creates tremendous opportunities for enterprises to detect patterns in the data they collect, and then use those patterns to create new products or services, improve existing offerings, and improve their internal operations. To obtain these benefits, enterprises will need to navigate a number of challenges. These challenges, and more, are discussed in […]

Innovation Accelerating Transformation at VMworld US

Planning on attending VMworld US on August 25-29? We invite you to visit the Innovation Zone at VMware’s Booth (#949) in the Solutions Exchange to get a glimpse of some exciting future development that is accelerating transformation. There will be two demo stations along with a Spatial Computing Zone, showcasing the latest AR and VR […]

Top 6 Next-Gen Sessions to Attend at VMworld US

The Emerging Trends: Office of The CTO is a track you don’t want to miss at this year’s VMworld USA conference, taking place Aug. 25-29 in San Francisco. VMware’s Office of the CTO is dedicated to looking over the horizon – exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape new solutions that will impact the future. […]

How VMware NSX Service Mesh is Purpose-Built for the Enterprise

Service Mesh is fast becoming one of those hot topics where every industry player must have an offering in this space. Open source service mesh projects like Linkerd and Istio, or others like Consul from HashiCorp and Universal Service Mesh from Avi Networks (now a VMware company!) are all trying to answer many of the […]

VMware vSphere Large Memory Support and AMD EPYC™ Series Processors – Part 1

Customers are continuously requiring more and more memory as their workload demands increase.  Therefore, both enterprise hardware and software must be able to meet this growing need.  Below, we present the details on how VMware, in collaboration with Micron, AMD, and HPE, configured and qualified a 4TiB server to help address this call to support […]