CTO View: 11 Predictions for 2030

There have been plenty of 2020 Predictions lists out recently, and they have all been interesting to read. As a tech company CTO, I have a special responsibility to look further ahead, so here is what I am predicting we will see, not over the next 10 months, but over the next 10 years. With […]

How Long-Lived Sessions Keep You From Applying Your Security Policies

When trying to secure our applications and its data, we cannot interact with the session itself. It’s potentially a big security issue, that no one has managed to solve. Today’s enterprises consume an increasing amount of modern applications. These applications are built on web technologies rather than proprietary protocols and custom-built user-facing clients. With this […]

The Resilience of the Internet

As the season for making predictions approached, I found myself reflecting on some of the more famous technology predictions of the past. One of the boldest was by Ethernet inventor and networking pioneer Robert Metcalfe. In 1995, as the Internet was just beginning to reach a mass audience with the rise of Netscape, the World […]

VMware Announces the 2019 Systems Research Award Recipient

Celebrating foundational and impactful contributions to datacenter networking VMware is pleased to announce the 2019 recipient of the early career Systems Research Award: Mohammad Alizadeh, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prof. Alizadeh is recognized as a pioneer of datacenter networking, and his innovative protocols and concepts are influencing datacenters […]

VMware joins the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative—the United Nations Global Compact—furthering our commitment to leading responsibly

At VMware, we believe in collaborating and partnering with organizations that are tackling global challenges. From being a founding member of the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance to supporting the launch of the Step Up Coalition, we are committed to joining forces with others who are making a difference. We are pleased to announce that VMware […]

Defining The Modern Application

I talk to customers that have hundreds of critical business applications, and frequently the conversation turns to why and how those apps are being modernized. Factors such as risk from turnover of key knowledge workers, risk of hardware and software becoming unsupported, and reduction in capital expenses lead to app modernization efforts. There are many […]

Project Hamlet: Secure Multi-Vendor Multi-Mesh Federation in the Open Source

The week before VMworld US in August, we announced a new open source service mesh interoperation project that was a collaboration between VMware, Google Cloud’s Anthos, HashiCorp, and Pivotal. This project was a recognition that service mesh has become a vital part of micro services infrastructure, and that its long term success would depend on […]