Get to know VMware’s New CTO of Americas, Cameron Haight

Cameron Haight, VMware VP & CTO, Americas As the new CTO for the Americas, I’d like to shout out a “howdy” (yes, I am a Texan) to everyone reading my first blog post at VMware.  I’m very excited to be in this role and I also recognize that I have some huge footsteps to follow-in from […]

Unveiling Project Clarity

Today we’re ecstatic to announce Project Clarity, a design system that combines UX guidelines, patterns, and front-end code in one solution. Clarity is for the designer and developer in each of us.   Bringing it together — UX, HTML/CSS, and Angular Clarity’s designs stem from relentless exploration and research. These designs are built into our HTML/CSS components, which […]

Using the Intel Xeon Phi Compute Accelerator with ESX 6.0

[UPDATE: Feb, 2017: This blog entry has been updated to correct an error. To use advanced features like passthrough of large-BAR PCI devices, you must use a UEFI-enabled VM and guest OS.] Compute accelerators  — whether they be GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi, or FPGAs — are increasingly common in HPC and so it is important […]

vNUMA: What it is and why it matters

In vSphere 5, we introduced vNUMA which allows interested guest operating systems to see that they are running on a NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Architecture) topology. For those not familar, here is a one-diagram NUMA explanation. As you can see, in the UMA case, the cost of accessing a particular memory address is the same […]

Building a BeyondCorp/Zero Trust solution using only VMware products

Author: Peter Bjork – Principal System Engineer (@thepeb) | Office of the CTO, Global Field Reviewers: Cameron Haight – Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Americas and Hadar Freehling – Staff Systems Engineer Ever since I read the Google’s BeyondCorp white papers many years ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about application protection, user experience, ease […]

CTO Reflections Four Months In

In my first four months as Field CTO for APJ I’ve crossed the Pacific ocean 7 times and the equator 9 times — living up to the standard line that the T in CTO stands for Travel. My travels have been a mix of customer meetings and VMware events. Some of these were CIO Forums, and I […]

VMware + Containers = Containers without Compromise

For this post, I’m temporarily taking off my VMware End User Computing hat and putting back on my Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) one. (As many of you may know, I was part the VMware SDDC team for 9+ years, so every now and then I still need my SDDC fix!) Today I’m at Gartner Catalyst […]