RADIO@ Bulgaria

At VMware, every year we organize a fascinating internal conference series by and for R&D, called RADIO – “R&D Innovation Offsite”. RADIO is a unique event offering unparalleled networking, educational, and innovation opportunities for the technical community across VMware. We had our flagship RADIO event in San Francisco this May, marking its twelfth anniversary. Since we cannot host our entire global team at the kickoff conference, our global teams have been launching “RADIO@” events worldwide, allowing our globally distributed teams to partake in some of the excitement around the main event. Featuring keynotes, expos, and guest speakers, each global site recreates the magic of RADIO locally, by sharing the learnings from the San Francisco event while highlighting local innovators and thought leaders.


Waiting for the doors to open. The excitement is at its maximum.

Waiting for the doors to open. The excitement is at its maximum.


In early July, I flew to Sofia, Bulgaria to attend the “RADIO@ Bulgaria” event. I love coming to Sofia because I enjoy the vibe in this city: the energy, enthusiasm, and talent in our team here is incredible. With over 300 people from the Sofia team present, we gathered at the Independent Theater for a great event. It was so energizing to meet with everyone and discover their passion projects. We heard from brilliant speakers about innovation, met with many people at the Expo, and discussed their thoughts and ideas. What really resonated with me, among many other things, was a talk by Professor Minko Balkanski — he shared with us some amazing thoughts about life in science, education, and humanitarianism.


RADIO@ Bulgaria speakers sharing their thoughts about the industry and innovation.

RADIO@ Bulgaria speakers sharing their thoughts about the industry and innovation.


But the fun doesn’t stop in Sofia. More RADIO@ events are planned in the upcoming months and throughout the rest of the year. VMware employees continuously collaborate and innovate to help our customers solve problems, seize opportunities and drive growth.

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