Security Server with PCoIP over UDP available with View 4.6

In my October blog post A Simple Experiment, I discussed the great WAN experience that we demonstrated at VMworld Europe using View and PCoIP. What I didn’t talk a lot about was that we weren’t using an off the shelf VPN for the connection back to the US, we were actually using an early version of the View Security Server that was enhanced with native PCoIP support over UDP. VPNs that tunnel UDP over TCP/IP will be far less effective at delivering the rich user experience that PCoIP is capable of when compared to approaches that preserve the protocol control of native UDP. Mark Benson described our Security Server architecture in his posting Secure Remote Access with View and PCoIP.

I am very pleased to announce the commercial availability of the View Security Server with native PCoIP support over UDP as part of the View 4.6 release. The View 4.6 Security Server with PCoIP has exceeded our scalability expectations and matches the scalability of the View 4.5 connection broker – up to 10,000 concurrent user sessions using 5 active Connection Servers. Each View 4.6 Security Server supports up to 2,000 PCoIP gateway sessions active at any one time, however, PCoIP load characteristics in your environment may require splitting the load out across multiple Security Servers for improved performance. For View 4.6 PCoIP Security Server  configuration and deployment considerations, please reference Mark  Benson’s blog post and video Setting up PCoIP Remote Access with View 4.6.

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