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Softbank, Motorola and VMware bring Horizon Mobile to Japan

Today we are excited to announce that VMware is partnering with Softbank and Motorola to launch VMware Horizon Mobile ™ in Japan. Softbank Telecom will be offering Horizon Mobile as a cloud-based managed service, which will be open for trials on December 10th. The slick Motorola Razr 201M device, available in the market today, will be first device in Japan that leverages our virtualization technology (previously called Mobile Virtualization Platform – MVP) to offer a compelling solution to allow enterprises to embrace BYOD without compromising usability or security and manageability of the corporate content (apps and data).

It has been very exciting to see how fast things have changed since I first visited Japan three plus years ago to discuss mobile virtualization. iPhone had just arrived and Android was still “interesting.” Even though feature phones are still prevalent in Japan, Android and iOS have taken off like a rocket ship.

These cool devices with powerful operating systems have kicked off two significant trends:

  1. Users are downloading more applications onto their mobile devices than ever before.
  2. BYOD! Enough said!

Consequently, we are seeing devices used for multiple purposes – work and personal i.e. dual persona devices. Almost all devices will have personal content and corporate content (apps and data) no matter who actually paid for the device – corporation or employee. So the critical thing is to completely isolate personal from corporate to prevent data leakage and have IT only manage the corporate content. By leveraging virtualization, we are able to offer the most secure isolation of these environments. So we are excited to offer a solution with our partners to address customer requirements to manage and protect corporate content without compromising consumer experience.

Please visit us at the vForum in Tokyo this week to learn more about the product, discuss your needs and how we can address them, and to see cool demos working on the beautiful Motorola handsets. We will have breakout sessions to dive into product and architecture details as well.


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