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Spatial Computing at VMworld 2019 Europe

This year at VMworld 2019 San Francisco, we were excited to showcase an advanced R&D project (from VMware’s internal incubator program called xLabs) in the VMware Office of the CTO – Project VXR.

The team enjoyed speaking with our customers and partners in two VMworld sessions and at VMware’s Solution Exchange booth, where attendees experienced examples of how Spatial Computing is being used in the enterprise to improve productivity.

With VMworld Europe around the corner, you can have the chance to put on both a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headset and walk through our demonstrations. We also look forward to talking to you and understanding your use cases for spatial computing or learn how other customers are using this technology.

VMworld Booths

We will have two booths in Barcelona showing three different demos:

  1. Secure AR/VR Workspace on any device
  2. Immersive Training using Virtual Reality
  3. Augmented Workflows using Augmented Reality

Secure AR/VR Workspace on Any Device

Our first demo shows how VMware is abstracting away from the device and delivering a single client runtime that is compatible with the most popular devices. This allows customers to choose the hardware device(s) they want to use – but with a consistent user experience. Our client runtime is not only cross platform but provides the following management, security and productivity features:

  • IT can securely manage the device by enrolling it with Workspace ONE
  • Users can securely access any device via an AR/VR native login
  • IT can securely deliver corporate, 3rd party and project VXR applications to devices
  • Corporate AR/VR workspace with custom environments and secure application access
  • Consistent user experience across devices.

Immersive Training with Virtual Reality

The Immersive Training booth will showcase a Project VXR service that delivers immersive training using virtual reality across two different manufacturing scenarios. Training data is streamed from the VXR Cloud service to the device and provides training on building a Dell Server or a fictional Rocket Engine. Virtual reality is proven to be more effective, repeatable, lower cost, lower risk and support more complex scenarios over traditional methods.

Augmented Workflows with Augmented Reality

On the Augmented Workflow booth we will show how Project VXR service can enhance workforce productivity. Augmented reality can be used to fuse the physical and digital worlds. In this case, by overlaying instructions in the view of the user to ensure a custom order of a Dell Server can be built with no previous experience needed. We use computer vision and machine learning to identify the key components and provided an instruction set – streamed from the cloud service – to guide the user every step of the way.

We achieved a 100% success rate for people building Dell servers!

Both booths will be located in the Solutions Exchange in the VMware area under a section called “Spatial Computing”. We invite you to try a demo!

Project VXR Sessions

Spatial computing and the use of VR and AR in the enterprise is new, perhaps you are wondering how this technology is being used? If you are new to this subject matter or just interested in the next wave of enterprise computing, then we will have a great session for you presented by Alan Renouf and Matt Coppinger.  We will give you an overview of Spatial Computing, the current landscape, several examples of enterprise use cases and demonstrations of Project VXR and what VMware has in mind for this next generation computing platform.

This session is a must attend! Add it to your schedule today here.

For the hard-core developers looking to dive right in, we will have an introduction on how to create your first augmented reality application for the AR devices most people have in their pockets – the cell phone.  Arjun Dube will give a great VMware Code session and show how easy it is to get a working app in less than 30 minutes. Make sure you add it to your schedule today!

Not going to VMworld 2019 Europe?

We would still love to hear from you! While our work is an advanced R&D project, and we are eager to learn from customers and partners on how they are using or planning to use spatial computing.

Please reach out to us at

You can also follow us for more information on our twitter account @ProjectVXR or reach out to @mcopping@alanrenouf or @arjunatvmw