I’ll be speaking next week at ISC Cloud ’10 in Frankfurt, Germany. My talk is:

The Benefits & Challenges of Virtualizing HPC in the Cloud (and Elsewhere)

Virtualization is the enabling substrate for Cloud Computing. As such, it brings an array of benefits and challenges to the concept of Clouds for HPC from both a manageability and performance perspective. From this talk, participants will gain a good understanding of the current state of performance for virtualized HPC applications as well as the prospects for further future performance improvements over the next few years. In addition, the primary value propositions for virtualization in HPC will be covered from the perspective of both Cloud users and Cloud providers, including dynamic resource management and application resilience.

In addition to speaking at the conference, I will have the pleasure of acting as Inquisitor during one of the ISC Cloud Hot Seat sessions, which should be a lot of fun.

If you will be at the conference and want to talk more about HPC and virtualization, shoot me an email at simons at vmware dot com and we’ll find a time to talk.