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vSphere Scale-Out for HPC and Big Data

I’m very excited that we’ve announced vSphere Scale-Out this week at VMworld here in Las Vegas. This new vSphere edition is specifically and exclusively designed for running HPC and Big Data workloads. This is an important development in our work to offer compelling virtualization solutions for these two emerging workload classes. Our strategy for addressing […]

Hadoop Performance on vSphere 5.1

We’ve just published a third Hadoop performance paper, written by VMware performance expert Jeff Buell, which looks in detail at the relative performance of a bare-metal 32-node Hadoop cluster compared to a range of virtual clusters with up to 128 VMs. The executive summary is that while we saw a 13% performance degradation in a […]

Virtualizing Big Data

Analysis of large-scale, often unstructured data is becoming increasingly important within both the Enterprise and the HPC community. This is perhaps one of the most apparent areas where the convergence of HPC and Enterprise requirements can be seen as the tools and algorithmic approaches required are often the same or very similar. I imagine, for […]

Media that Gets It

Media outlets usually write about technologists, but today I’d like to reverse that. I met at VMworld last week with William Wallace, one of the principals from what I refer to as “insideSTAR” (STAR as is regexp “*”) and learned that they will be adding inside-BigData to their existing inside-HPC and  inside-Cloud news coverage. This […]

Our Joint VMware / AMAX HPC Collaboration

I am excited we have now started our joint HPC exploration with our partner, AMAX. Based on an initial meeting on the show floor at VMworld in San Francisco last year, we decided to work together to examine several aspects of virtualized HPC of mutual interest. Areas where we see converging requirements between HPC and […]