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The Software-Defined Datacenter in a Multi-Cloud World

Martin Casado, co-founder and CTO of Nicira, wrote a blog today reaffirming Nicira and VMware’s commitment to open source, and specific actions Nicira and VMware teams are taking to continue leadership on OpenStack Quantum. I echo Martin’s comments and would like to share more about VMware’s commitment to this and other open-source communities as well as […]

A Year of Open PaaS: More Clouds, More Code, More Community and More for Cloud Foundry

A year has passed since VMware launched Cloud FoundryTM, a major milestone in our mission to “Simplify IT”.  We are focusing on simplifying application creation, deployment, and operations via an approach we call open platform as a service, or “Open PaaS” – an approach that gives developers choice as to where they deploy and run […]

Preserving Multi-Cloud Choice and Flexibility with Cloud Foundry “Open PaaS”

It has been nine months since we launched Cloud FoundryTM  – the industry’s first open platform as a service (aka PaaS).  Cloud Foundry debuted with both the service and as an open source project via and we have seen a rich ecosystem of technology providers and service providers emerge around Cloud Foundry.  Offering […]