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EVALExperience – Yet Another Reason To Be A VMUG Advantage Subscriber

One of the things that excited me most when I joined VMware was how passionate and knowledgeable our user community is. After I joined, I remember getting on a plane once. I was wearing VMware apparel (aka ‘schwag’) and carrying a VMware laptop bag (aka more schwag, and yup I am all in on wearing/touting […]

A Year of Open PaaS: More Clouds, More Code, More Community and More for Cloud Foundry

A year has passed since VMware launched Cloud FoundryTM, a major milestone in our mission to “Simplify IT”.  We are focusing on simplifying application creation, deployment, and operations via an approach we call open platform as a service, or “Open PaaS” – an approach that gives developers choice as to where they deploy and run […]

Welcome to VMware’s CTO Office Community

“May you live in interesting times…” – Ancient Chinese curse/proverb These are indeed interesting times for all of us, particularly so for IT as it undergoes one of the bigger changes in its young history. And this change permeates all aspects of IT: datacenters, clients, and even application development. The goal of this new community […]