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The Changing Face of Enterprise Data

What constitutes business-critical data for an enterprise today? A decade ago, the answer would be straightforward: the data associated with business-critical applications such as inventory management, email systems, financials, etc. IT was focused primarily on transforming business processes into efficient electronic workflows. Today, globalization is forcing enterprises to better optimize and personalize workflows to remain […]

Spicing up Data Lifecycle Management with Hybrid Cloud Storage Recipes

As enterprises grapple with exponential data growth, they are looking for new models to efficiently store, analyze, and archive data. Software-defined storage (SDS), as well as the hybrid cloud model, is shifting wasteful “just-in-case” provisioning into seamless “just-in-time” provisioning and storage management for optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). The hybrid cloud model allows enterprises […]

On the Balkanization of Data Storage

  Historical Parallels 2014 marked the centennial of the beginning of the First World War (WWI): an event that had a terrible human cost and paved the way to major political and social changes across the globe. The centennial steered a wave of retrospection around the events and causes that led to WWI  (ref. The […]

VMware adds Affinity to its open source data efforts

Data is top of mind in VMware engineering these days. You might have seen my recent post, and today we’re pleased to open-source a new database named Affinity under the Apache 2 license. Affinity is a fully transactional cloud data store with an extremely flexible data model. It will be available as open-source much like […]

New Year, New Assignment: Data

Cloud was so yesterday, you have to be with big-data to be hip ;-).  So…   I’ve been spending a growing amount of time in the data space. This has been mostly as a strategic planning activity for VMware’s product investments as we extend into the data space, and in 2012, I’ll take the lead […]

HPC User Forum Meeting

I just got back from the 37th IDC HPC User Forum meeting in Seattle where I had been invited to participate on an HPC Cloud panel. The meeting was, as usual, a good event that brought together users and vendors for presentations and informal discussions on a variety of topics. For me, there were a […]