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The Changing Face of Enterprise Data

What constitutes business-critical data for an enterprise today? A decade ago, the answer would be straightforward: the data associated with business-critical applications such as inventory management, email systems, financials, etc. IT was focused primarily on transforming business processes into efficient electronic workflows. Today, globalization is forcing enterprises to better optimize and personalize workflows to remain […]

End User Computing: The What, Why and How of Application Rationalization

TJ Vatsa is a Principal Architect and a member of CTO Ambassadors at VMware representing Professional Services organization. He has worked at VMware for the past 5+ years with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. During this time he has focused on enterprise architecture and applied his extensive experience in professional services […]

2013 Predictions: When Worlds Collide

It’s time again to dust off the crystal ball, cast the yarrow sticks, read the tea leaves, and share some thoughts about where the IT world is heading over the next twelve months and beyond. Because my focus at VMware is on High Performance Computing (HPC), I’ll confine my prognostications primarily to the growing area […]

The Greenfield Enterprise – Part 1: Introduction & Core Principles

Adventures with Windows XP A few weeks ago I had a problem where I required access to a Windows XP machine in order to track down a bug in a PowerPoint file that was crashing on my Mac. Luckily, such access is easily to accommodate nowadays thanks to the wonders of VMware View and our […]

Project Horizon: The “Secure” Journey to the Cloud – Software-as-a-Service and the Compliant Enterprise

An Office of the CTO Guest Blog By Noah Wasmer, Director of Advanced Development, VMware   At VMware, we love to read the latest Gartner and IDC reports, but what we love more than anything is our road trips into the field.  I am lucky enough to work in advanced development at VMware, and one […]

View 4.5 & The Journey Towards Enabling the Consumer Cloud Experience for the Enterprise

User expectations of their business computing environments are changing, being driven by their experiences as consumers. New state of the art devices and user interfaces, cloud computing and the associated SaaS-based applications, ubiquitous connectivity. These trends are converging and when combined are profoundly influencing the direction of end-user computing.   What are some of the […]

Securing Enterprise Assets as Virtualization and Cloud Computing take hold.

The massive transformation of IT, driven by virtualization and cloud computing initiatives, is compelling a re-think of the way enterprises protect their critical assets. The most critical resources are typically the applications and their data, and their systems that support them i.e. servers, storage and databases. Good security design employs a defense in depth approach […]