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Bimodal IT, VMware, and Cloud-Native Apps

Patrick Daigle is a Senior Systems Engineer and CTO Ambassador in Montreal, Canada. As part of VMware’s Technical Services organization, he works with large enterprises across Canada, leveraging the VMware Software-Defined Enterprise to help IT organizations bring quicker value to the business. He is also a contributor to VMware’s Cloud-Native Apps team.        […]

What Impact Can Virtualization Have on the Field of Research Computing?

Challenges for IT supporting research computing environments What is most important to an IT department supporting university research? Based on conversations with many of our customers, we have repeatedly heard the following: Satisfying the varied and sometimes conflicting requirements of different research groups, which may include compliance issues for bioinformatics research Showing the value of […]

Cloud Changes Everything, Part 4 – The Changing Structure of IT Operations

The externally driven change in role is matched by an internal transformation in terms of how IT organizations are structured.  The traditional data center is one of silos of control. The very nature of the technology that comprises IT infrastructure, and the lack of management tooling that has been able to treat it systemically or […]

Cloud Changes Everything, Part 3 – The Changing Role of IT Operations

So far I have said more about the business, innovation, applications and services, than perhaps about IT and IT Operations (Ops) per se.  However the impact on IT within the enterprise is no less profound.  Cloud not only changes the cost dynamics for enterprises that consume Cloud services, offering a move away from essentially fixed […]

Beginning the Journey to User-Centric IT.

User expectations of their business computing environments are changing, being driven by their experiences as consumers. New state of the art devices and user interfaces, Cloud computing and the associated SaaS-based applications, ubiquitous connectivity.  These trends are converging and when combined are profoundly influencing the direction of End-user client computing.     What are some […]