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VMworld and the Future of Networking

VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas was an especially hectic one for me, and ultimately a very satisfying event as well. In addition to my normal schedule of breakouts, customer meetings, and analyst briefings, I was responsible for organizing a new networking event that took place alongside VMworld, called future:net. Whereas VMworld is mostly about talking […]

Networking and the Rise of Developers

It is hardly news at this point that “the developer is king” (especially if you work in Silicon Valley). This is particularly true¬†for those of us who’ve worked for technology companies for a long time. However, a couple of things have changed in the last few years: You no longer need to be at a […]

Network Virtualization: Mainstream in 2015, Expanding Reach in 2016

Once again it’s time to look back on the last year, see what happened in our industry, and try to make some predictions for the coming year. Let’s start by seeing how last year’s predictions fared. One of my main points last year was that 2015 would be a year of operationalization and production deployment […]

Network Virtualization in the Software-Defined Data Center

This post co-authored by Bruce Davie, Martin Casado, and Brad¬†Hedlund VMware has long been known as the company that changed computing by virtualizing servers. At Nicira, we set out to disrupt networking just as VMware disrupted computing, by virtualizing networks. The analogy between network virtualization and server virtualization can be a helpful one, but it […]

Towards enabling dynamic, elastic, workload-aware networking paradigm

Mallik Mahalingam, Principal Engineer, vSphere Networking R&D, says …   What are the challenges?   Cloud computing holds the promise of using shared resources in a secure, scalable and self service manner.  These basic virtues of cloud computing are placing huge demands on the physical network infrastructure in today’s data centers.  While compute and storage […]

Mendel says: It is time for low latency

Those of you who have been reading my blog or listening to my various conference talks since I arrived at VMware last year know I have been arguing there is an important convergence underway between HPC and Enterprise IT requirements. In large part this is being driven by fundamental changes within Enterprise computing, specifically the […]